Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Everyone’s a hero in Cartoon Network’s Newest Show

K.O. may one day be the greatest hero but for now, he’s the greatest fanboy. Created by Ian Jones-Quartey, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! is the latest Cartoon Network original series to launch in Malaysia.

Premiering this Saturday, 20 January at 11.00 am on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 616), the show follows K.O., a brave kid living in a video game inspired world filled with superheroes. Being the young fighter that he is, K.O. tackles everything with his cheery, endless enthusiasm, including his job at Gar’s Bodega in Lakewood Plaza, a one-stop shop for all heroes.

In K.O.’s eyes, every person is a hero to look up to, every challenge is a chance to grow stronger and every success or failure is just another stepping stone to becoming the ultimate hero.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018



书籍,一直都是Chiu导成长生活中非常重要的灵感泉源,而这部最新的贺岁电影《大大哒》便是他儿时从书本中追求的梦想。由Astro Shaw、Golden Screen Cinemas私人有限公司、Multimedia Entertainment私人有限公司和mm2 Entertainment私人有限公司联合出品的《大大哒》,于2017年8月开拍消息传出后,一直受到大家关注,现在终于敲定在2018年2月15日(年初夕)全马戏院上映。

Zoomoo's New Show and Segment Are Sure to Make You and Your Kid Giggle and Learn

ZooMoo keeps kids’ learning and entertainment top priority of the channel. With the revolutionary educational ZooMoo app which made kid’s viewing more enjoyable and interactive, it sets the channel apart and has raised the bar high for learning and entertaining children.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

AXN to Reveal Magical New Series, The Elements: Cosentino Starring Master Illusionist and Escapologist, Cosentino

Seeing is believing when AXN unleashes its latest original production, The Elements: Cosentino, on January 18, 2018. Hailed as Australia’s most successful magician, illusionist and escapologist, The Elements: Cosentino will see the man himself performing mesmerizing street magic and epic stunts against iconic backdrops in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan.

TOP ‘A Brighter Future’ Fundraising Campaign Gives New School Uniforms To More Than 400 For Back-To-School Cheer!

TOP, the No.1brand in Peninsular Malaysia in the Detergent category brought back-to-school cheer to more than 400 children from across the nation, through its ‘A Brighter Future with TOP’ campaign that successfully raised funds for new school uniforms, shoes and socks.

TOP collaborated with leading retailer, Giant to carry out the charity fund raising campaign from November 13 to December 13, which saw 30 cents from the sales of selected TOP products from all Giant outlets nationwide channeled towards providing the back-to-school necessities for children aged between 7 to 17 years from 18 care organizations.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

CJ WOW SHOP Ushers in 2018 with New Signature Programmes

CJ WOW SHOP, Malaysia’s most immersive and successful multiplatform home shopping network, is ringing in the New Year with the introduction of its first prime time show, ‘WOW Sangat’.  Featuring well-known personality Rita Rudaini as celebrity guest host, this signature programme premieres on Sunday, 7 January 2018 at 9.30pm on TV9. This new signature programme will also be offering special online promotion where customers will receive 20% WOW Points when they place their orders via CJ WOW SHOP’s website or mobile app during the show up till 11.59pm on the same day. 

In addition, CJ WOW SHOP will introduce an additional slot to its ongoing signature programme, ‘The WOW Show’. Currently airing on Mondays at 1.00pm on TV3, the show featuring Yana Samsudin will have another slot on Thursdays at 10.00am starting 11 January 2018 onwards, on TV9.

The new show format and extended timeslots demonstrate CJ WOW SHOP’s aim to provide more choices for its customers, while continuously making its offerings more accessible and exciting to a broader market.

Viewers can look forward to a combination of best-sellers and brand new line-ups ranging from household equipment to fashion & beauty and gadgets.

WOW Sangat

TV9: Sun 9.30pm – 10.00pm (From 7 Jan onwards)

Hosts: Jimmy Shanley, Nadia Annuar & Rita Rudaini