Monday, May 24, 2010


Thanks to Canon had made a success for Canon EOS buyers to grab a chance to meet the Canon EOS Ambassador- Simon Yam. Giving us a chance to take his pics and enjoying the award winning HK Best Actor movie “ Echoes of the Rainbows”
- Canon Delighting Me Always-

We also received a set of ticket which is for Simon Yam Award Movie- Echoes of Rainbows

Echoes of the Rainbow (traditional Chinese: 歲月神偷; Jyutping: Seoi Jyut San Tau; romanisation: Shui Yuet Sun Tau; literally "Time, the Thief") is a 2010 Hong Kong drama film directed by Alex Law and starring Simon Yam and Sandra Ng. It won the Crystal Bear for the Best Film in the Children’s Jury "Generation Kplus" category at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival.[1]
It tells the story of a working family in Hong Kong whose eldest son, a popular boy and star athlete, becomes ill with leukemia.

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