Monday, May 16, 2016


We recently bring Lil Grace for some explorer where 1 Utama have a nice little secret garden. Take them for a walk in the small park in the mall and let them see the greenies.

It is our first time taking her there and it is really educational for kids where Grace starts to ask questions like why this and that.

The walk takes around 20 minutes and we spend our time preciously in there. The small park bring her to learn on flowers, as most children knows "flowers are red" and now she found out about different types of plants, insects and more.

The time we spent with her is indeed priceless and we had know how much is her knowledge and also the best in the bonding session since we are so packed with work.  For those who are planning for something for their children, they can consider bringing their kids to some parks, or maybe some interesting places. 

Perhaps, nothing more important to see your little kids grow. 
"Times flies it flies ; money flies can earn back"
and now we are trying our best to spend more time with our little ones and have our memories with her. 

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